The Cardinal Hotel - Palo Alto, California, 94301, United States
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We want to thank everyone who was part of our 90th anniversary celebration. It was a special evening: the Rhythm Street Applejacks provided nostalgic music from the 1920s, our staff and a number of guests wore period attire, Osteria Cucina Toscana catered the event, and guests received a commemorative photo and a tour of the recently remodeled rooms.

The walls of our spacious and elegant lobby were filled with photographs of the early Cardinal Hotel, posters from the Flapper Era, holiday decorations and our majestic Christmas tree, and the mood throughout the evening was festive and merry. More than 125 guests attended, many from various departments at Stanford University, the Palo Alto Historical Association and the Palo Alto History Museum.

At the celebration on December 3, Palo Alto Mayor Karen Holman presented General Manger Stephanie Wansek with a Proclamation celebrating the 90 year history of The Cardinal Hotel and “recognizing its importance to Palo Alto as both an historic, iconic landmark and a vibrant, modern hotel.”

Ms.Wansek spoke about the Cardinal Hotel, where she has been General Manager since 2000, remembering Bjarne Dahl and thanking his family for their stewardship of the hotel for more than 70 years. She outlined why the Cardinal continues to be distinctive and successful among small hotels in California, and singled out a number of her staff for their length of service and roles in maintaining an inviting, attractive and smooth-running hotel.

Ms.Wansek concluded that “The Cardinal Hotel is a blend of old world elegance and fine, modern accommodations, and it has for 90 years attracted guests from all walks of life and from all over the world.”

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